Dream of: 08 January 2019 "How Did I Get There?"

 I have gone to spend a week in the home of my cousin, Blue Opossum (an internet dream-writer), who, like I, seems to be a teenager. He is not home, but his mother is here. She looks a bit like Mrs. Broughton (one of my former tennants who died a few years ago).

At some point, I find 10-15 music cds which I look at. One of the cds looks as if it has a picture of Elvis Presley on the cover, although the picture is not clear. I see three or four cds which I would like to keep and add to my own collection of cds. I decide to borrow one of the cds - and maybe even keep it - which has a picture on the front of a fellow sitting on a stool. He seems like a famous singer (probably in his late 20s) from the 1950s. The cd has a song I want to hear, the title of which is, "Where did I go? How did I get there?" sung to the tune of "Sweet Caroline."

I want to listen to the cd, but I do not have any headphones. Since I think Blue Opossum may have headphones in his room, I walk into his rather large bedroom which sits by itself in the back of the house. The room is cluttered with stuff sitting around all over the place. I look for a pair of earbuds. I do not know if Blue Opossum has any earbuds - I have never seen any here. I am not even sure where to look - there is so much stuff here.

As I search, I find more cds, but I do not find anything which I like. Since I am still thinking of keeping the cd which I have borrowed, I think I could also take some of Blue Opossum's cds if I wanted, but I decide that I do not want to do that. I do not want to take anything from him.

I do not want to spend much time here in Blue Opossum's room. I am unsure if my aunt is now in the house, but I surely do not want her to come into Blue Opossum's room and find me here.

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