Dream of: 06 January 2019 "Following Others"

 I have boarded a bus with four people. I am sitting in the front passenger seat on the left, next to the driver who is a thin man (around 30 years old) with short black hair. He starts driving fast even though it is snowing outside, and ice and snow are on the ground. He drives through the streets of the town, ending up downtown where he runs through two or three redlights. He races through downtown so fast that we even become airborne at one point. We land and finally end up outside of town.

He frightfully and suspensefully continues to drive as fast as he can through the ice and snow, passing other cars stopped and backed up on the road until we arrive out in the country where he continues driving fast along this little country road until he finally runs off the left side of the road through the snow and down an embankment. He tries to continue going in an attempt to drive back onto the road, but he cannot, and he ends up on a tiny, abandoned road through the woods. He continues driving until we arrive at the top of a hill. I say something about how he is just going to continue going, and that he is looking for a bigger hill to crash down.

The bus finally comes to a halt and rolls over onto its right side on the edge of a cliff where the bus is barely hanging. I am unsure how we are going to get out of the bus, but I see that people have begun climbing out the windows. Everyone including myself soon climbs out of the bus.

Standing outside the bus, I see an old, abandoned, one-story schoolhouse. The first thing I know, the bus has disappeared and all the people have started walking away back through the woods to leave this place.

I realize that I had a backpack with me and I start looking for it. All kinds of stuff including clothes and other items are scattered over the ground, having been left behind by the people on the bus. I look for my green back pack but I cannot find it, and I realize that my back pack must have been in the storage section of the bus.

I would like to have the backpack. It is going to be cold out here and I would like to put on some warmer clothes which I have in the backpack, but I cannot find the backpack. I realize that I am simply going to have to start following the others to try to exit this place.

Commentary of 02 February 2019

It satisfies me to think of the four people and the driver on this bus as representing five distinct dream-writers whose dreams I read on the internet. We appear to be on a journey together and this dream seems to represent certain aspects of that journey.

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