Dream of: 05 January 2019 "Letting Someone Else Drive"

 I am on a trip with my sister and my brother-in-law (my sister's husband) in a little car which I am driving. After traveling for a while, I drive right inside a building which turns out to be a church. I am amazed how tall the ceilings are. I drive down one aisle all the way to the front, turn around in a loop, then drive down another aisle back toward the rear.

I stop for a moment and people begin entering the church. I see a woman whom I at first think is Leah (a friend whom I met when we were students in law school in 1981), then realize the woman is not Leah. The church starts filling up and someone says something about our being here. I know we must leave, so I continue driving until I exit the church.

I drive for a short while, then allow my sister to drive. Somehow she leaves the main road and starts driving on a narrow dirt road which is difficult to negotiate. We are on the edge of a high cliff from which I can see a brown, treeless valley down below. The road is so tiny, it only looks about a half meter wide. I tell my sister to turn around and go back. I say we cannot continue on this road, but she continues driving anyway. I am unsure we will die if we go over the side of the cliff, but I know the result will be bad. I begin to think we are lost and I do not know how we will find our way out of here.

A man who looks like a park ranger finally steps up to the car and asks us if we could use some help. We say, "Yes," and he boards the car with us. I tell my sister to let the man drive, but she continues driving. The man guides her for a while until I start driving again. I finally see where the little road is close to the main highway. There is not an actual place to drive onto the highway, but I decide to cross over onto the highway anyway. Even if I receive a ticket, I would rather drive back onto the highway and leave this treacherous little road. I do not see any police anywhere, so I drive back onto the highway and continue driving.  

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