Dream of: 01 January 2019 "Giving A Compliment"

My sister (probably in her late teens) and I are at Hatcher's (a prominent real estate entrepreneur in Portsmouth, Ohio) home which seems to be on the affluent southeast corner of Franklin Avenue and Kinney's Lane. I start using a lawnmower which I have with me to cut Hatcher's grass. My sister works on another part of the yard. Hatcher himself is also even working on the yard, trimming up here and there where plants are growing.

I continue cutting grass. Before I am completely finished, I stop, walk over to Hatcher, and end up sitting down with him in his car and talking to him. My sister is also in the car. I tell Hatcher that I am going to give him a compliment and I start telling him a little story. In my hand I am holding something which I am not even sure what it is, but it looks like a small revolver.

I had recently been talking with my father and I had told my father that I had called Hatcher and left a message. I now realize that the device in my hand is used for leaving messages. I mention to Hatcher that this device looks like something which could be bought in an antique store. He does not say anything. He looks young - perhaps 30 years old - and thin.

I continue with my story and I tell Hatcher that my father had said to me when I had been talking with him, "That's one good thing about Neil - he'll always return your call."

I think this statement is a compliment. Hatcher does not say anything and I prepare to get out of the car. The door is on my left. I say, "I better open the door before I get out."

I wait for a car to pass by, then I open the door and step out. I begin working on the lawn again, while my sister gathers the tools together. I notice that Hatcher left three tools, including a pair of clippers, lying on the ground. I have to be careful not to run over them with the mower.

I am unsure about some large plants growing near a little brick column, whether the plants are weeds or have been planted here. I take care not to cut them. I do cut one plant which looks like a weed. I hope I did not make a mistake.

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