Dream of: 29 December 2018 "A Decent Place"

I am thinking about my mother (probably about 50 years old). I think I could probably have sex with her if I wanted, but then I remember that she has Altzheimers. I definitely would not take advantage of her and have sex with her while she had Altzheimers.

I seem to be in a house in Portsmouth where my mother and I have been living toghether, but she is not home at the moment. I begin worrying somewhat about what may have happened to her - perhaps she is lost somewhere. Abruptly I recieve a phone call from her and I ask her over the phone where she is. It turns out that she is in a house which I own "on the corner" of the street. I know that I own several houses around town, but I do not call owning any houses on a corner. I wonder if she has the key to a house which I used to own and if she has gone there and spent the night in a house which I had already sold to someone else.

When our conection is abruptly cut off, I really begin to worry because I do not know how to contact her. I do not know what her phone number is. I think maybe I can call my sister and perhaps my sister will have a phone number for my mother.

Suddenly, however, I think I could call back the number from which my mother called me. I continue thinking of what I would say to my mother. I could tell her to simply leave the house where she is and start walking. Then she can begin describing to me where she is. I think I will tell her to go toward a populated area in town where more people seem to be.

I begin think about the town and where my mother can walk to. In my mind I envision a theater on the corner of a street. People are standing around. I think my mother could go there.

A stairways goes up to the roof of the theater where statutes of two large dogs are standing. I think maybe my mother could go up there. I notice a green, empty lot next door to the theater. On one side of the lot is a steep, green embankment. This lot looks like a place where my mother could stop. As I stand at the top of the green embankment and look down into the empty lot, I think I could roll down the side of this embankment. I reflect, however, that dogs may be in the area and piles of dog feces may be mixed in the verdant grass. I would have to first examine the green grass to be sure that no feces was there because I cerainly would not want to roll down into a pile of feces.

Overall, however, this spot looks like a decent place.


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