Dream of: 27 December 2018 "Wolves Attacking A Deer"

I am on the Gallia County Farm on the dirt road which goes up to the top of the hill toward my old Cabin. I am at the point where the road forks to the left up toward the Cabin, or continues on to the back of the Farm. When I see a large white dog which almost looks like a wolf, I think the animal may indeed be a wolf. Then I see an actual gray wolf standing behind the white dog. It looks as if the gray wolf may attack the dog. I finally conclude that the white dog is actually a wolf, and that the two wolves are preparing to attack a deer. I have never actually seen wolves attack a deer before, and I think this scene is going to be very interesting.

Suddenly I hear a man's voice. He is hollering to try to scare the wolves away. He is standing close to the road not far from me. His interference makes me angry because I had wanted to see the drama of the wolves attacking the deer unfold before my eyes. I determine to say something to this man. I do not know why he is here anyway. He must be trespassing. I am going to confront him to see if he is indeed trespassing.

Commentary of 25 January 2019

Pascal Rosignol, I like reading your French commentaries. Have you ever thought about simply posting one of your dreams on your Facebook page in French?

This dream of mine made me think about you when I re-read it. Did it ever occur to you that the love of animals maybe should be much more important in our lives. I am not talking about domesticated animals, but of wild animals in nature - animals like wolves, and deer, and ... whales.

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