25 December 2018 "Art In A Barn"

My father (1932-2016) and I are in a car in a rural area area of Kentucky, probably an hour away from Portsmouth, Ohio by car, when we find a farm-auction which is taking place. After we stop and join the auction, I am pleased to realize that everyone here speaks German. I walk into a barn where I am surprised to discover some paintings which are being sold. It looks as if the art was created by a man who lived here by himself. I see 50-60 small drawings of people's faces which appeared to drawn on pieces of plaster board and are stacked up against a wall. It looks as if these paintings will not be sold until tomorrow. I think if I want to buy any of the drawings, I would need to return tomorrow by myself because I do not think my father will want to come back here tomorrow. I think I may do that.

Two other fellows show up and start looking at the drawings. It looks as if I may have some competition if I am interested in bidding. I see several interesting pieces that I want, but the more I think about it, I do not know if I want to come back all the way out here to this auction tomorrow.

I discover perhaps 40-50 boards which are blank. It looks as if the artist has prepared the boards for paintings, but he never got to them. Some boards look as if they are 4 by 8 feet in size. The boards are so big, another fellow gets on one end and I on the other as we move them so we can look through them, but I do not see anything interesting there.

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