Dream of: 21 December 2018 "Stolen Painting"

A woman (around 40 years old) in what appears to be an elaborate, high-ceilinged, sombre, dark university-room which almost feels like the interior of a cathedral or a museum, with many paintings on the walls, is talking to a somewhat haughty man (a bit older than her) who works here at the university and who seems like a professor, but who is not paying much attention to her.

The woman finally talks to the man about two paintings which were recently stolen from here, and she asks the man how the thieves entered the building. As the man describes the prying back of a small piece of metal to gain entry, I vividly imagine the piece of metal being bent back. The woman asks the man if they have many paintings in storage here, and he says that they do.

It turns out that one of the two stolen paintings has already been recovered and that it is now hanging on the wall behind the man. It is a brightly-colored portrait of a woman from the waist up. The apparently famous painting reminds me somewhat of a Renoir.

As the woman turns to leave, I observe her tell the man an address and I slowly realize that she is insinuating that the painting on the wall is not the original, but a forgery, and that the address is the location where the original painting can be found.

Only after the woman departs does the man realize that the woman has insinuated that the painting on the wall is a forgery, and that she has given him the address where the original can be found.

After the man walks over to the painting which is hanging above his head and he looks at it, he is unable to detect whether the painting is a forgery or the real thing. The man had thought he was so smart, but now he realizes that the woman knew more about art than he did and that she could tell the difference between a forgery and the real thing. The man now suspects that one of his superiors was deceived and purchased a forgery while thinking he had bought back the original.

I next witness several men, who work in the museum, walking down a grassy levy on the banks of a wide river. They are all following the woman, and perhaps also the man with whom she had been talking inside. Other people are also walking around amid a festive atmosphere.

I am unsure what is transpiring, but it looks as if the three men are trying to track this woman. One full-bearded man appears to be the superior who bought back the forgery. It looks as if one of the men may even have in mind to kill the woman, and I am unsure whether the men plan to take the woman alive, or to kill her.

I hear a voice say, "We want this one alive."

I am unsure from where, but I hear another voice which adamantly says, "No!"

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