Dream of 28 October 2018 "Peanuts"

I walk into a house where some men who are drug dealers live. I used to know them. I walk into the kitchen and open a junk drawer in the kitchen cabinet. I see some commemorative postage stamps in the drawer and one stamp even falls out onto the ground. When I pick up the stamp, I see that it has not been used. I pick up two or three more stamps out of the drawer and I stick them in my pocket.

I am aware that I could could have big problems with the fellows (probably in their 20s) in the house if they caught me stealing their stamps. I walk over to another drawer, pull it open, and also see some stamps in this drawer. I have a vague memory that I recently bought some stamps from someone, so I know that the stamps are worth something. I reflect that these fellows could sell these stamps if they had any sense, but that they probably do not realize that the stamps are valuable.

I see one sheet of around ten stamps which are based on the comic strip "Peanuts." I pick up the sheet, fold it, stick it in my left shirt pocket, and walk out of the house.

However, when I suddenly remember that I needed something else in the house, I turn around and walk back inside. I hope no one looks down into my shirt and sees the stamps folded up in my shirt pocket.

Commentary of 02 November 2018

Dreams seem focused on moral issues: good and bad. It almost seems as if the nature of right and wrong are central to man's meaning in the universe, and as if dreams bring the questions about one's own understanding of right and wrong to the fore.

I wonder - in the spiritual sense - whether some dreams are "rebukes" from God, and what it means to receive a rebuke from God.

I am going to say that rebukes in dreams are bad, because they mean that you have not been following God's orders. On the other hand, rebukes in dreams are good, because they mean that God has not yet given up on you.

This brings a line by T.S. Eliot to mind, "I am an old man in a dry month, being read to by a boy waiting for rain."

I feel old, as if it is too late to change. Yet at the same time I feel as if I may be going through a metamorphosis in which I will become a new sort of being - an enlightened being. All I have to do is follow the orders which I find in my dreams.

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