Dream of 24 October 2018 "A Plague Of Vagrants"

I walk into a large, old, two-story house which I own and I find that two or three or more vagrants are staying here. All are young men in their early 20s. They all look weak and unkempt. Junk is lying around everywhere. I want the vagrants to leave, but I am unsure how to make them go away.

I also own another house next door which I enter. I had thought the second house was locked and secured, but I find the same thing here: more vagrants.

I finally walk out back and discover another house - a cottage - which I had not even known that I owned, or had forgotten about. It resembles the House in West Portsmouth, Ohio (a cottage owned by my father where I lived for a while around 1972). I walk inside and find that the cottage is packed with trash everywhere. I look through the cottage toward the back room where I think I see some people.

I walk into the bedroom to my left and see several beds and I count at least four slovenly, weak, worn-out women (all probably in their 20s). As I walk toward the back room where the other people are, I notice that all the windows in the house are broken out.

I am unsure how I will get these people out of here - I may even have to go to court to evict them. That will take a long time and a lot of effort.

I would rather just run them out myself, but I think I need someone with me to help me. I feel insecure here by myself. Several young men are walking around. Although they look weak, I think they could gang up on me if I try to throw them out. I think I might be able to use my old handy man, Alfred, but I remember that Alfred is now in a wheelchair. I could not bring him - I would have to employ someone to carry Alfred in here in his wheelchair. So that is not feasible.

I walk back outside into the front yard as I continue to figure out how I am going to get rid of these vagrants who have taken over my houses.

Commentary of 29 October 2018

I am lately asking myself if dreams may be a pathway to enlightenment.

This dream seems best understood if I simply equate "the vagrants" with "my vices." Just as I try to rid myself of vices, so I am trying to rid myself of the vagrants in my dream. 
Surely if I were vice-free I would have a better chance of enlightenment. Maybe I am only now beginning to sense one of the true purposes of dreams: to lead one to enlightenment which perhaps can only be achieved by someone who is rid of vice. Not there yet.

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