Dream of 19 October 2018 "French Infusing"

I have arrived in Paris from Mexico where I have been living for the last three months. I have come to Paris to find a particular woman who lives here. She is around 25 years old and I am about 30. It seems as if this woman is familiar with the place where I now live and I hope that she will be able to help me in my quest to hook French cable television up in my new home.

When I finally find her, she is sitting at a table with a fellow who is her friend (also around 25 years old). She has frizzy, brown hair. She is thin and very pretty.

I sit down and talk with them in English, then ask the two of them if I can take them out to eat. I know the meal will be expensive, but I am willing to pay for it. The fellow leaves, but the woman decides to go out with me.

We continue sitting at the table. She has a beautiful, radiant smile. Being close to her is an absolute joy. Her presence almost immediately seems to infuse itself into me. I almost feel as if I am falling in love with her right here on the spot.

I have not even told her yet that I am a lawyer. However, in contrast to her, I seem so ordinary. I do not have anything witty to say. I feel as if I once before met another absolutely enchanting woman like this, and I wanted to be with her, but it did not work out. I am afraid the same thing will happen this time. This woman may find me plain and ordinary and she may not want to be with me. At the moment I just want to spend a little time with her if I can.

The fellow with her leaves, and after I converse a bit with the woman, she and I head to a commercial building where I can talk with some other people about hooking up the French cable. When I look in my billfold for my home address, however, I cannot find it. I have many cards - perhaps 100 - in my billfold. I find one card with the address of the cable company, but I cannot find my address.

The woman and I stand together in a line to reach the counter behind the window where someone is seated and talking with people in the line, one after the other. When I reach the window, I start talking in English to the fellow on the other side of the window. He looks around as if he cannot understand what I am saying, and I say, "Je peux parler francais un petit peu."
I notice that the woman who is with me hears what I say, and I reflect that she now knows that I can speak a bit of French.

I step out of line so I can look for the card with my home address on it.

Commentaire de 26 octobre 2018

J'ai la forte sentiment que la femme dans ce rÍve est la representation de une vraie personne qui vive en France et qui ecrit ces rÍves en franÁais dans le internet. J'ai lu beaucoup de ces rÍves. Je crois que ce rÍve contient un message que je dois lire plus des rÍves en franÁais.

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