Dream of 18 October 2018 (2) "Dream-Writing Project"

A group of people and I are engaged in a dream-writing project. I have a dream which I realize conforms with the type of dreams on which we are working. The dream almost looks like a leafy wreath. I have a second dream which looks like a second, smaller wreath which fits concentrically inside the first wreath. I think both wreaths will be centered around the body of a person which will be lying in the middle of these two dream wreaths. I am sure that both of these dreams will be the kind of dreams upon which the dream group is working.

Finally, I am holding a metal rod in my hand to hand to someone. It seems the wreaths may be on the other end of the rod.

Commentary of 23 October 2018

I think I am dreaming about the people who read my dreams on Facebook. If someone likes one of my dreams, I am more inclined to dream about that person. It as if that liking person touched the Creator of my dreams.

I would look at "the body" in this dream as representing "me." The "wreaths" might represent two "levels of my Facebook friends." Looking at some of my Facebook friends as parts of leafy wreaths surrounding my body seems compelling.

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