Dream of: 25 September 2018 "Going Into Hiding"


After learning that a fellow whom I know has been murdered - apparently by an organized crime group - I return to the small, round cottage where I Iive and I walk inside. I am rather worried about the people who killed the fellow, because he had divulged certain information to me about the crime group before he was murdered.


After I sit down on a couch in the living room, I notice that the window is open. I walk over to the window, touch the screen on the window and ascertain that the window is indeed open. Positive that I had previously shut the window, I immediately conclude that someone has been in the house.


I look up at the light overhead in the center of the room and I notice something red, almost pink, hanging down from the ceiling where the light is. I know that this thing was not there before and I immediately conclude that someone has been here in the house and I wonder if the person is still here, perhaps in one of the other rooms, or maybe in a closet. I think if I had a gun I would walk through the house and look for the person. If I thought the person were in a closet, I might even shoot into the closet and try to hit the person.


Instead, I stand and leave. I know that I must now go into hiding. Obviously the person has intentionally left the signs for me that someone has been in my home. I am sure that the same people who murdered the fellow are the ones who have been in my home because the fellow had divulged info to me about them. I do not know what I am going to do - I may have to go into hiding.


Commentary of 03 October 2018

Not long ago, I changed my Facebook settings so that none of my dreams are visible to the general public, and at present, the dreams which I publish on Facebook - and therefore any reactions to my dreams on Facebook - are to only 84 of my Facebook friends. For the present, I feel better about the new settings, although my goal is still to eventually publish to the general public on Facebook.

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