Dream of: 24 September 2018 "Room In Donald Trump's Home"

While I am talking with another person, the subject of Donald Trump arises, and I tell the person that I recently bought a room in a house where Donald Trump lives. I do not tell the person how much I paid for the room although I know that I paid $20, 000. I tell the person that I have only stayed a couple times in the room since I bought it, but I brag that I previously stayed in the room before I even bought it. I am rather proud that I have been able to buy the room, and I want the person to know that I am fairly close to Donald Trump.

Commentary of 29 March 2018

Although on one level, Trump as a symbol of the United States seems apparent to me in my dreams, on the most basic level, my Trump dream-character is still simply a representative of Trump himself. Even though I might consciously regard Donald Trump to be an immoral person, I often feel close to him in my dreams. Even though I consider myself to be a generally moral person in my waking life, my Trump dreams seem designed to focus my attention on failings in my moral outlook. Like Trump, my moral nature is not all bad, but it is not all good either, and I ask myself: which outweighs which? I continue to look at my conscience as the primary instigator of my dreams which continually seem to focus on what is right and what is wrong. I seem to be rather conflicted on the subject of "pride" - whether it is a vice or a virtue.

Commentary of 01 October 2018


I seem to be rather conflicted on the subject of "pride" - whether it is a vice or a virtue. 

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