Dream of: 23 September 2018 "Albuquerque"

I am riding a bus with a bunch of other passengers when we reach a bridge which crosses the Ohio River from Kentucky to Cincinnati. When we have passed noteworthy sites as we have been traveling, I have been saying, "Look at this!" or "Look at that!" This bridge is old, but an even older bridge is being torn down right next to this bridge. Referring to the bridge being torn down, I say, "Look at that!" Someone gives me a piercing look as if I need to shut up, so I do. I can see many tall, old buildings which are being torn down up ahead of us on the Ohio side, while other large, new buildings are being built.


The bus continues on until we reach West Portsmouth, Ohio, where I notice a little strip area which seems to contain several shops with Hispanic patrons. Some people are sitting at tables outside. I reflect that I never noticed these shops before, and I think that before I head home, I might like to visit this area. Since I like to speak Spanish, I may be able to meet some Spanish-speaking people here.


Instead of being on the bus, I finally find myself riding a little, old-fashioned, brown bicycle close to the strip area in West Portsmouth. I am wearing a white shirt, a tie, and cloth gloves. After I decide to first stop at the strip before I head home, I start pedaling toward the strip. When rain starts sprinkling on me, however, I decide to just head home without stopping, but when I start to pass by the strip, I again change my mind and stop. Since my bicycle does not have a kickstand, I roll it along beside me as I walk on a sidewalk right in front of the stores. When I pass in front of a saloon, I hesitate to go inside because I will not know anyone there. I look through the big front window into the bar and see many people inside, including a woman with tattoos all over her body. I think I will need to take off my gloves if I go inside the establishment. I think when I go in, I will unbutton my top button, sit back, and drink a beer. I pick up the bicycle and carry it inside with me. After I see a place behind the bar where I can set the bicycle, I put it there.


I try to think of what I am going to order. I think I will order some dark beer, but then I think this does not seem like the kind of place where I could order dark beer. It looks as if everyone here has bottles of ordinary domestic beer. Unsure what to order, I look around to decipher what other people are drinking. I see a sign which says "Miller." I try to decide what to drink.


As I look for a place to sit down, I am aware that I am wearing a tee shirt with the name of an undergraduate college written on the front. It seems as if the name of the college may be "Albuquerque." I think if someone asks me if I went to college there, I will answer laconically, "I went to Baylor." I start thinking about what a no-nonsense place Baylor is.


Commentary of 30 September 2014

The operative feature in this dream seems to be my hesitation to go into the saloon because I do not know anyone there.

Yesterday, six days after this dream, I had a luncheon with about twenty people with whom I graduated from high school in 1970 in Portsmouth, Ohio. I was indecisive about going at first, but I decided to go.

The luncheon took place in a restaurant/bar similar to the saloon in the dream.

 I drank a dark beer.

The lady across from me drank a Miller.

Their was a discussion about who had tattoos.

I told someone that I went to Baylor.

I had a good time, especially with the five who are also Facebook friends. It makes me think that the dream might be saying that I should not hesitate so much about being sociable.


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