Dream of: 22 September 2018 "Pushing Man Off Balcony"

I am in a two-story house where I live with a woman who somewhat seems like Michelle (whom I first met in Portsmouth, Ohio in 2006), but who does not look like Michelle. Around 30 years old, extremely attractive, this woman is tall, thin, and has long black hair past her shoulders.

She is leaving to go on a little trip for a short while. After she leaves, I walk into the woman's private bathroom which seems extremely clean, and I reflect that I hardly ever enter her bathroom. I find a tray on which are a few things which the woman has left behind for me. When I look at the items. I think she left them because she no longer wants them and because she thinks they contain metal which I can melt down and use for something. When I see that one of the items is a half tube of toothpaste, I decide that I do not want to try to salvage the metal tube which contains the toothpaste because I think I can still use the toothpaste which is in the tube. Two of the items are fancy, little, metal folding trays which seem too attractive to melt down. I doubt that I will melt down anything.


As I am sitting down fully clothed on the closed commode and looking at the items, the woman walks into the room. I am totally shocked to see her because I know that she left an hour or so ago. I am glad I was not doing anything inappropriate, yet I still feel embarrassed to be in her bathroom and I tell her that I almost never come in here. I tell her I have probably not been in here for six months. She stands beside me for a short while without saying a word, then walks back out. I stand up and follow her outside. She has disappeared - I do not see her anywhere.

Then I notice that the front door to the house is open. I do not remember whether I left the door open. I look around and think that someone may have entered the house while I was in the bathroom. I look around to see if anything is missing in the room. I cannot remember whether we had a flat screen television in this room, but we certainly do not have one in here now. Certain that there is a flat screen upstairs. I start running up the stairs and hollering, "Get the guns!" "Get the guns!" I do not actually have any guns, but I just want to scare someone who might happen to be in the house.

Once I am upstairs, I see another open an outside door which leads onto a balcony. When I walk toward the door, I see the woman sitting in a chair on the balcony. I do not know what is going on, but suddenly, someone walks across the balcony from left to right in front of my line of vision with the person's back toward me. I cannot see the person's face, but I can see the entire back side of the person who is wearing a white thong and nothing else. I am surprised when I realize that the person is a man (perhaps 30 years old) dressed in the thong.

When I walk onto the balcony and ask him what he is doing here, he does not answer. I step up to him and try to push him off the edge of this second floor balcony. He starts to tumble over the metal railing, but he catches himself before he falls.   

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