Dream of: 27 August 2018 "Escaping The White House"

I work in the US White House. The United States is under attack and I have been placed in a small, closet-sized room because I have apparently been determined to be a security risk. I try to figure a way out of this white-walled room whose door is locked tight.

A fellow talks to me and wants to know about my social security number. As he writes some numbers on a piece of paper, I wonder if he is adding together the three different sections of the social security number. I am afraid he is going to make a mistake. Since my leaving this room is so important for me, I tell the fellow that I will write down the correct number for him. After I write my social security number, the fellow looks at it, then walks outside.

Once I am alone, I notice that a second small room is attached to this closet-sized room and I walk into the second room. I open the outside door of the second room. After I look out of the door and into the hallway and see that no one is there, I walk out into the hallway.

I walk around the labyrinthine hallway as I try to figure out exactly how to leave this place. A number of people are walking around the hallway. At one point I see a long board which is hung in the middle of the hallway and serves as a partition between the left side and the right side of the hallway. The board can be pushed from left to right – or vice versa – so that a person can walk on either the right or the left side of the hallway. I feel the purpose of the board is to prevent one’s seeing who is on the other side of the board. The board is a security measure.

I am trying to figure out how to escape this place. After I walk down one side of the partition-board, I pass by a small open room which appears to be unoccupied and I think I could hide in there.

I continue looking for a way to leave. I desperately want to leave because I think an atomic bomb is headed toward the White House. I know that I would not survive that if I were to hide somewhere here in the White House.

I see a red light at the end of the hallway which I think may be an “exit light.” I walk to the door at the end of the hallway, open it, and see a descending set of stairs. I figure I am in one of the upper stories of the White House. I begin descending the stairs.

I think if I can I can manage to walk outside, I might be able to leave the city and escape.

Commentary of 27 August 2018

I have recently been listening to the book of Jeremiah and his warning to Judah of God’s coming wrath on Judah in the form of a power from the north.

For my purposes, I am going to assume that the “atomic bomb” in this dream represents “eternal disintegration of the soul.”

The voice I hear talking to me in my dreams definitely reminds me of the voice identified as “God” in the book of Jeremiah.

It almost seems as if the “White House” may represent “politics” and that I should escape. No, I think the message is more that the “White House” represents “United States politics.”

Was Jeremiah a politician? He certainly seems to have been interested in the running of the Judean state.

Now I want to move on to Zechariah.

I only recently realized that Zechariah is apparently the principal dream-teller in the Old Testament.

It almost seems as if this dream is advising me to escape from United States politics. Maybe that escape is through the world of dream-telling, lest my soul be lost.

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