Dream of: 20 August 2018 (2) "Otro Problema"

I am in a small cottage which is in a residential area of similar cottages up and down the street. I walk out onto the front porch where my brother Chris (1957-1974) and another person are sitting at a table. Chris is holding a pair of binoculars which he is using to look at the people on the front porch of the house across the street. This seems like an Hispanic neighborhood and sitting on the other porch are two black-haired, Hispanic women (probably in their early 20s) along with a black-haired man or two – at which Chris is looking.

Chris hands me the binoculars just as I also sit down at the table. At that instant when I have the binoculars in my hand, both women look at me and grimace as if they think I am spying on them.

Although I had not even known what Chris was doing before he handed me the binoculars, I feel guilty even though I know that I had not been looking at the women. I think maybe I should walk over to the women and explain to them that Chris is crippled and that his whole world consists of looking around at people which he can see nearby like this.

Just as I am ready to go across the street, a man appears who apparently owns this house. We are only renting this small cottage from this man who is the landlord.

A black fellow is with the landlord. They walk out to the back porch and look at the ceiling which needs repaired. I speak to them in Spanish and ask if they are going to repair the ceiling, but they do not answer me. They do not even seem to notice me.

As they head back toward the front of the house, I remember that I want to tell them about three electric receptacles which are not working in the back room. After the two men are outside, I holler at them, but they do not respond, and they keep walking toward their black vehicle. Another fellow is waiting for them at the car. Once they are in the car, I holler out, “Hay otro problema aqui.”

Commentary of 26 August 2018

I think I would look at “my crippled brother” as representing “my soul.” I would look at the “cottage” as “my body.” I would look at “the landlord” as “God.”

Every day I am closer to death and my soul is going to be evicted from this body. Then where am I going to be for the rest of eternity? I am calling out to the landlord in this dream and he is ignoring me, although he at least is taking some interest in the house.

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