Dream of: 09 August 2018 "Pink Feather"

I am with my mother (1931-2015), my father (1932-2016), and one of my siblings outside a mall in another city which we are visiting. We are trying to go somewhere else, but we do not have a car.

We finally board a car with a bunch of high school teenagers in the back seat. After my parents and my sibling climb into the back seat, I also board the car. I ask the teenage fellow who is driving the car if he will take us somewhere which I think is close by. He agrees to take us, and he begins driving toward our destination. He is quite friendly about helping us.

It seems that our destination is not far away, but the journey seems to take a while. I think when we arrive, I may give the driver $10.

When my family and I finally climb out of the car, I realize that we are in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. I have not been here in many years and the town has changed since the last time I saw it. I see many huge buildings. Everything is quite ornate.

As we start walking around, I somehow become separated from the others. I continue to walk around the streets, but I do not see them anywhere. I have picked up an old flip-top phone which I used to have years ago. I am unsure how to use it, put I think if I press some buttons, maybe my sister will come on the phone.

After I press some buttons, I hear the voice of my second ex-step-mother on the phone. Now I realize that she is one of the people who had been with me. When I ask her where she is, she appears to be sitting down at a table in a little restaurant. She says that the restaurant is inside a store called “Cleveland.”

I conclude that if I am able to find the store and find my second ex-step-mother, then I will be able to find the other members of my family.

Ornate buildings surround me like a gigantic maze. I start walking again and finally I lose my step-mother from the phone – she is no longer there. Now I am worried because I do not know how to call her again. As I continue walking through crowds of people, I ask several people where Cleveland is. They give me directions, but I am still unable to find the store. It is supposedly close by, but every time I go in the direction where the store is supposed to be, I am somehow misguided.

I think I also having trouble finding them because so many people are in the streets. I think as the day grows dark, more people will leave, and I will have less trouble spotting my family in the crowd.

I finally see a young, thin, blue-shirted police officer (around 25 years old). I ask him directions and he tell me to follow him. I walk behind him for a while until I finally lose track of him. Apparently, he descended some stairs, but after I look down the stairs, I still do not see him. I holler but I receive no response.

I finally walk into a building which is apparently Cleveland. Apparently I have found the place. After I walk inside a magnificent lobby filled with many people, I realize that an auction is going to take place here, and that I want to buy something in particular. I walk down close to the auctioneer.

I also have something which I want to sell. It looks like a big, pink feather. I open up something like a lunch box in which I have the feather. The auctioneer sees the feather. He also sees a piece of pizza which I have in the box, and he objects that I cannot have the pizza here. I have only eaten half the piece and I wanted to keep the rest to eat later. I finally, however, give in to the man and say, “I’ll get rid of it.”

As much as I hate to dispose of the pizza, I look for somewhere to throw it away. I am going to throw it away.

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