Dream of: 07 August 2018 "Flipping In The Wind"

My father and I are at a government office which administers coal issues, probably in Columbus, Ohio. While I work on preparing papers for his coal mine, I reflect that I know quite a bit about coal mines and the regulations which govern them. If I ever practice law again in the future, I may even be able to represent other coal companies since I know how to prepare this complicated paperwork.

My father and I remain in the office for a short while until he leaves without my even knowing it. We had been talking with a man in the office. When I realize my father has left, I also walk out into the hallway. My father has already disappeared and I do not see him anywhere. I hurry down the hall.

When I start running, I hear a voice behind me of someone talking and I think the person may be trying to speak to me. I do not turn around until I reach an inside door. As I pass through the door, I look back and see a fellow who is holding a phone and talking with someone.

I continue running until I am outside where I realize that I am naked from the waist down. Although my penis is visible, I continue moving until I realize that I am actually wearing roller blades.

The fellow behind me is also wearing roller blades. He appears quite good at handling the blades. He takes off down the road.

I am not so good. I just stand up straight and shuffle my feet back and forth without taking them off the ground. I know that I need to stop here somewhere and put on some pants. I cannot be out in the public moving down the street like this with my penis flipping in the wind. I need to pull over and put some pants on.

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