Dream of: 16 June 2018 "Drowning In Mud" 

 Carolina (my wife from 1989 to 2006) and I are married and living together. We have a pet dog which has something wrong with it. I go to a store to buy a product which I have heard about for the dog. The product has something to do with "electrolytes." After I enter the store, a thin man (close to 50 years old) who is taller than I begins helping me. He pulls out a little box. I had originally thought that I was going to buy pellets or a liquid solution of something, but he pulls out a little machine which is more than 30 centimeters long. The machine makes the electrolytes. It is in a box and costs $69. I hesitate because I had thought the product would only cost a few dollars. I really do not want to put that much money into it. Then, however, I think I could afford the product if I wanted to buy it. I think I should go ahead and buy it instead of always being so parsimonious when I have to spend a little money. I am unsure whether Carolina will pay for the product with her money or whether I will pay with my money. It really does not make any difference. I am still not sure what the machine does and I am not even sure what an electrolyte is. I ask if it has something to do with electricity because it contains "electo-" but I do not receive an answer.  

I end up in an office building where Carolina and I work. She is walking around through the halls. She has received a promotion so she has a rather high job now. As she walks around, I realize that she is really not as smart as she thinks she is. I think much of the reason she received the job is because she was married to me and I am an attorney. Being married to an attorney gave her some prestige. I do not think that people think that she deserves the position which she has, but nevertheless, she has it.

She and I are standing in front of a big window and looking outside at a big muddy area where a man on a backhoe is digging into the mud. Suddenly the backhoe and the man sink straight down into a well of mud and disappear. I think I have seen a scene like this before and that he will bob back up to the surface. But he does not come back up.

Carolina and I stand staring at the scene until she finally walks away. Astounded, I am left alone staring out the window. I feel rather guilty that I am just watching this scene without doing anything. This man may be dying under the mud. I realize, however ,that there is nothing that I can do to save the man. I certainly cannot go out there and dive into that hole of mud and try to find him. I do not think I should feel guilty if the man dies because I am unable to do anything to prevent it.

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