Dream of: 15 June 2018 (2) "Selling Off" 

 While I am in the yard of a red brick house where my family lives, my mother is also doing something in the yard.  We are cleaning up the place a bit. I see a big tree limb which has blown down into the yard. I am doing something else, but I decide to help my mother carry the limb out of the yard which she is cleaning up. I pick up the limb which is about 7-8 centimeters in diameter. The light tan wood is very slick. The limb feels pleasing to my fingers when I pick it up and head toward the alley. I first think of walking through my neighbor's yard along the side of our yard, but then I see a fence between our yard and the yard of the neighbor.

When we had a yard sale a few days ago, my sister had hung five or six pieces of brown cardboard with signs on them along the fence line between the house next door and our house. It looked as if most of the signs contained peoples' names to draw attention to items which had been sold at the yard sale. One sign especially seemed to convey this message. I intend to tear down all the signs. I try to tear one of the signs down but it is attached to the top of the high fence which is over my head. It looks as if I will need a ladder in order to completely tear down the sign.

I notice a grey object hanging on the fence and when I look at it more closely, it looks like a little walkie talkie. I am unsure whether the object belonged to the neighbors or to me, but I leave it hanging there.

I also noticing a purse of some sort sitting on a chair. It is full of stuff. I am unsure to whom the purse belongs.

I continue walking toward the alley with the slick, light-tan piece of wood.

Commentary of 17 June 2018

As painful as it may be, now is the time to sell. Let the odyssey begin.

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