Dream of: 15 June 2018 "Effortlessly Floating" 

 While I am in a high-ceilinged room with some other men involved in physical activity, I know that I have the ability to float which I have mastered over the years. I have become so adept, I can effortlessly float. I want to show my ability to the men in the room, but the room clears out until only a few men remain.

I start floating. I want to bring my floating ability to people's attention because I have floated in the past and people have not paid much attention. I want to show people that I have this ability. I begin rising into the air of this big, tall gymnasium-like room. As I float up high, a couple men seem to notice, but no one seems to place much importance on my flying.

We go outside and I float out in the open. I realize that once I am floating in the air, I can stay where I am without any effort. I also know that starting to float while standing on the ground and raising myself up is more difficult than stepping off the side of a high building and jumping.

I float outside in front of some men who seem to take notice of my floating, but my floating still does not seem to matter much to them. 

Commentary of 17 June 2018

The men represent people who read my dreams on the Internet.

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