Dream of: 12 June 2018 "Silver Hair" 

 While I am in the Logan Street House (a home in Portsmouth, Ohio where my mother lived from 1971-1977), a girl (around 20 years old) shows up. It seems as if I may have seen her somewhere before. I am mostly struck by her snow-white silver hair which sticks out stiffly as if frozen like icecycles and falls all the way to her shoulders. She is extremely pretty and I am almost immediately attracted to her. She has heard that I have a house for sale which she may be interested in buying. When I ask her what house she is talking about, she answers, "On Gallia Street."

I recall that I do indeed own a small cottage on Gallia Street. I also remember that I own another similar cottage which is only two or three blocks away from where we are right now. Both cottages need work. We talk. I want to move closer to her. She is extremely magnetic. I ask her if she wants to see the house and I tell her that I can get my car and that she can see them right now. I wonder if she is worried about being safely with me since she does not know me. I know that I am completely safe. I am definitely interested in doing business with her if I can.

I end up going to the nearby cottage, but the girl is not with me when I arrive there. Instead, a couple black women and my father show up at the house. I not only own this house, but I own the house next door. I own two houses here right next to each other, and I am showing this house to one of the black women. I do not think that she has much money. At the same time, I do not have much invested in these houses. I do not remember what I paid for them - probably around $5, 000 apiece. They definitely still need repair. I am not even sure if the water is turned on in the houses.

My father (around 40 years old) is here. He talks to the two black women by himself, then he returns to me and tells me that I can sell the house to the women right now; they have $76 for a down payment. I am thinking that if I allowed the woman to make payments on the house, they would only be paying about $150 a month. Since the payments would last for years, I am thinking that I would need to charge interest. I do not need much interest because I am mainly only concerned with collecting the principal amount. I dismally think that 30 years might be needed to pay back the principal. I do not mind because I so desperately want to sell these houses. I am so tired of dealing with these houses. I want to start living. I have enough money to live on, so I do not want to fool with these houses anymore. I just want to get rid of them.

I sit and calculate how much I can collect a month on this house. If the woman only pays $150 a month, paying off the house will take a long time. If, however, I could relieve myself of the houses right now, I would be relieved. I need to inform the women that the houses need work and that they (the women) will have to do all the work themselves. I will no longer be working on the houses.

I am definitely considering taking the $76 in payment right now as a down payment on the house. I can set up payments of $150 for the balance and simply dispose of the houses.

Commentary of 17 June 2018

The girl is my muse. The black women represent that portion of humanity with which I have a monetary interest. The warning seems to be to not give up your dreams for money.

Unfortunately my muse - perhaps she is not my muse at all - seems alluringly deceptive. She reminds me of the black-haired character "Nina" on the television series, "The Americans": a spy and a traitor - someone difficult to trust.

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