Dream of: 10 June 2018 "Portraits On Albums" 

 I walk into a little store which seems to have all sorts of items sitting around. I walk past the glass counter with a man sitting behind it and I enter a side room where I see several rows of old LP albums standing lined up inside racks. I am surprised because I thought only new items were sold in this store. I would like to look through the albums but a couple other people are standing in front of the first couple rows of albums and looking through them. Besides, I think the albums have probably all been picked over and it is doubtful that I could find something which I would want. Nevertheless, I am so drawn to the albums that I begin to imagine myself flipping through the albums until I find a couple albums that I like. I am almost solely interested in the cover art. These two albums show abstract, painted portraits of a man on each of them. I would like to gather together a collection of several such albums and assemble them in a display.


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