Dream of: 30 May 2018 "Atomic" 

 I am staying in a motel with my mother (1931-2014) and my father (1932-2016) who are sleeping together in one bed. Although a second bed is in the room, instead of sleeping in that bed, I lie down on the floor.

A tall, slender, black man (around 40 years old), whom I know, walks into the room. Apparently he does not have a place to say tonight, although he does not say anything about it. Although I tell him that he can stay on my bed and that I will simply sleep on the floor, he sits down in a chair. Since it seems as if he does not want to impose on us, he is apparently going to stay in the chair.

I leave the room and walk around the hotel. Several people around the area are engaged in playing a game which is found on computers placed all over the hotel. The game looks interesting. Many intriguing questions have to be answered.

I notice coins lying around in different places. Someone takes one of the coins. Apparently the person is allowed to take the coin because he does not get into trouble. I decide to take some of the several coins myself. After taking the coins, I continue walking around until I gradually become bothered that I have taken the coins. At first I thought the taking of coins was allowed, but now I am unsure. I am with some people, and I do not want to admit that I took the coins. Having these coins is now a burden.

I end up outside and walking along a river where I see other people. I am walking on a sidewalk at the top of the river bank. From up here I can see people down below right next to the edge of the river. I can hear someone down there saying that he is selling some marijuana which he calls "atomic." I then see a heap of marijuana plants which have been piled up together. I am curious because this activity seems to me to be illegal. I have never been in a place where the sale of marijuana was legal. I am even thinking of buying some myself. I do not have any rolling papers. If I bought some grass, I would have to buy some papers.

I hesitate to buy any marijuana since it seems that marijuana affects my mind more than I woud like. I need to have a clear mind right now, so I hesitate to actually buy any marijuana, although I am tempted.

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