Dream of: 27 May 2018 "Conditions" 

 I am allowing my friend Michelle to live in one of my houses - a white, two-story, frame house which sits not far from the street on the bank of a hill. She is just now moving in and the house is still basically empty. One of the conditions I have imposed for allowing her to live here is that she will not allow her friends to congregate here.

I am at the house right now, but Michelle is not here. Several of her friends have entered the house and are in several places in the house. When I do not tell them to leave, I realize that I am doing the same thing that I forbad Michelle from doing: I am allowing her friends to congregate here in the house. 

I walk out onto the concrete front porch and see some tools lying there. I realize that they belong to a mixed black and white boy who is probably 13 - 15 years old (I actually knew this boy for a few months around 1970 when he was that age). He is here with Annie (a mixed black girl, probably in her late 20's, an actual friend of Michelle's). The boy is the one responsible for piling the tools onto the porch. As I look over the pile of ten or so tools, I see several that I believe belong to me. I see a pair of blue-handled garden sheers as well as a pair of yellow-handled snips which I am sure belong to me. Another tool also appears to be mine. I think the circular saw might also belong to me.

At first I do not think I will say anything to the boy, but then I call him outside and ask him about the tools. With a perceptibly snotty attitude, he acquiesces that some of the tools indeed are mine. I tell him that he must return the tools. I also tell him that he must leave.

He picks up the circular saw which now does not seem to belong to me. I see some red markings on the saw which I do not recall belonging to any saw which I ever owned. I reflect that maybe I should not have been so hard on the boy - at least he was going out and looking for work.

I walk back into the house to look for Annie so I can also tell her to leave. I walk to the kitchen in the back of the house, open the door to the basement, and look down the stairs. I look into the face of a blonde woman walking about half-way up the stairs. I at first think the woman is Michelle, but then I realize that she is another woman - ostensibly one of Michelle's friends. It sounds as if other people are also probably in the basement. I suspect they are all down there using drugs. I start walking down into the basement. I intend to throw all of them out. 

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