Dream of: 23 May 2018 "Switching Bodies" 

At night, another fellow and I are in downtown Portsmouth, Ohio. Although festivities are in progress with many people in the street, I am ready to go home.

I notice some Asians in the street and I recall that an influx of Asian people has been occurring in Portsmouth. I am glad because I like being around a diverse crowd of people. A short Asian woman (around 40 years old) walks up to me and starts talking to me. I remember her because I helped her with something yesterday.  

She talks with me for a while until she says that I "seem a little bit different." I realize what has happened. The other fellow with me (who also looks Asian) and I have changed bodies - he is in my body and I am in his. I now look like a tall Asian man probably about 30 years old. I try to explain to the woman what has happened - that I am not in my own body - but my explication is complicated and she does not quite seem to understand.

I tell the woman that I need a ride because the other fellow and I plan to go to my mother's 29th Street Home. When I notice some yellow cars passing by, I ask someone if the cars are taxis, and the person answers, "Yes." As I look for one of the taxis, the woman says she will find one for me. It turns out that she knows a fellow who is her friend who can give me a ride. The fellow pulls up in his car. He is also Asian. My friend and I climb into the fellow's car. We also have some luggage which my friend is carrying.

I want to know how much the fellow is going to charge me for the ride, so I ask him. I tell him that we are going to 29th Street, but that on the way we are going to drop off my friend on 11th Street. There is something about the fellow which I do not quite trust, so I want to know in advance how much this is going to cost. I tell my friend that I want to know the price because I think the fellow might charge us $25-$30 when the ride should only cost about $5. I try to obtain the cost of the trip several times from the fellow, but he does not seem to want to give us the price in advance. Finally, the fellow apparently becomes angry because I want to know the price, and while we are still in downtown, he pulls the car over and says that he is not going to take us. 

When my friend and I climb out of the car, I look around at the unfamiliar surroundings. I am unsure where we are. I see a building with a few people standing around. It is dark out here and we seem to be far from downtown. I look up at the dark sky to try to determine which direction is downtown from the reflection of light in the sky from downtown so I can determine which way to go.

My friend and I start walking. It is cold out here and I am barefoot. Snow is on the ground. I tell my friend that I am probably going to become sick from walking around out here like this. We start walking up the road of a rather tall hill. I do not see any cars anywhere. Just walking up to the top of the hill is going to be a long walk.

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