Dream of: 22 May 2018 "Witch Casting A Spell" 

While walking on the west end of Grace Street (three blocks in New Boston, Ohio), I see a female whom I know. She is very pretty (probably only in her early 20s) and looks much like Michelle. She apparently lives farther east on Grace Street in the area where Birdie (my black-haired steady girlfriend from 1968 to 1972) used to live. I was on this street last night and yard sales were taking place at several houses. I visited one of the yard sales and looked at some of the items last night. Then I woke up this morning.

I now look over some stuff sitting in front of one of the houses where a yard sale is still taking place. No one is here, and I walk into the house. I walk back outside, then back into the house several times until I finally realize that I probably should not be going into this person's house like this.

A woman sitting in one of the houses starts talking to me. Then I hear two women talking in another house and I hear someone say something about someone's "casting a spell," and asking whether I know anything about it. I listen to the concerned woman talk about how another woman - something like a witch - at a place where I had been last night had apparently cast a spell. I ask this woman if she believes in that kind of thing, and she hesitates as if she is unsure. I almost say something like, "I don't believe in that kind of stuff - that people can cast spells on other people."

An older woman (probably 70 years old), dressed in off-white, walks over and bends down right in front of my face and speaks. She puts her ear right in front of my face. I know that she is doing this because she cannot hear well and she wants to be able to hear what I say. I tell her that I have the same problem. She mumbles when she speaks and I can barely understand her.

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