Dream of: 20 May 2018 "Missing Husband" 

Michelle (probably in her late 20s) and I are in a car being driven by her black-haired husband (who looks just like her younger brother Ray who is probably in his mid 20s). We are in a city about a hundred miles from home - probably Cincinnati - where we have come to visit a mall which we already visited yesterday.

We are looking for a place to park and the husband pulls into an alley where we parked yesterday, but I do not see any parking places here today. I know that the mall is just around the corner and that the parking lot should offer many parking places because today is Tuesday and not many people will be visiting the mall today. So I encourage the husband to drive around the corner to the parking lot. He insists, however, on parking here in the alley. When he sees the garage doors of a warehouse-type building and several cars parked in there, he even wants to drive in there and park. I believe that would be a bad idea because the building might close before we return and we would have no way of retrieving our car. I tell him that he should simply drive around the corner and we will be in the parking lot of the mall. He is determined to do it his own way. He finally stops the car and steps out so he can walk into a building and check it out.

After a while, Michelle and I are no longer in a car, but are on a bicycle which I am driving. We sit in the alley and wait a long 5-10 minutes until I realize that something has probably happened to the husband. I tell Michelle that we are in big trouble if something has happened to her husband because we are so far from home.

I am unsure what we will do. We will probably have to find the police to look for her husband. I am unsure exactly what we are going to do here. We cannot leave because we cannot simply abandon her husband here. I tell her that we have a big problem if something has happened to her husband.

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