Dream of: 08 May 2018 "Proust In Purple" 

I am in a room with my mother (1931-1915) who recently gave birth to a baby. Although the child was only recently born, it looks as if it is a year old. When the child goes outside, I can see it through the large window which covers one side of the room. A body of water is not far from the window and a rocky bank leads down to the water. I watch the child at the top of the rocks until it tumbles down the rocks into some large flat-leaved cactus plants and then into the water.

My maternal grandmother Leacy (1901-1972) runs from the top of the bank down to the water. Two other people are already standing in the water and are obviously searching for the child. My mother is here in the house with me, but she is obviously not going to go outside. I think that I could go out there, but by the time I reached the water, I figure it would be too late. I just sit here inside and conclude that the child has drowned until - to my surprise - Leacy carries the child into the house. The child has survived and appears to be alive.

Several other people are in the house. Someone asks Leacy if she was in the cactus. She shows a red spot on her leg where a cactus apparently stuck her.

The baby is rolling round the room. I chastise it about going outside.

Some other children who are probably only 2-3 years old are also in the room. As I am sitting on the floor, one of them rolls over in front of me. It seems as if I do not have on any pants. The child looks at me, makes a grimace as if it has seen or smelled something ugly, then rolls on with its eyes closed.

People come and go in the room. I notice that the ceiling seems low in the room and I recall that my mother just lowered the ceiling yesterday. I mention to one attractive woman that the ceiling has been lowered.

Another woman (round 30 years old) with long black hair is sitting by herself over to the side. I have had my eye on her for a while. I notice that she is naked. She is sitting on the floor with her legs spread. Her pubic area is shaved. She says that I could have sex with her if I wanted, but she says that she does not want any "impotency."  I ask, "Right now?"

I am thinking that I could have sex with her, but I am not even sure that I have an erection. If I want to last for a long time, I might even need to take a Viagra or something like that, but I do not think I am going to have sex with her right now, especially not right here in front of everybody.

I then notice Marcel Proust sitting in the room. Quite the dandy, he is dressed in a purple suit. He looks small and delicate. He is probably in his mid 30s. He maneuvers his way over to me and wraps himself around me. I am amazed. His face moves closer and closer to mine until he finally gives me a quick peck on the lips. This seems funny and I give a short laugh. I recall that I only recently was looking at some pictures of Proust and I had seen one which looked just the way he looks right now. I say something to him about how I had thought that he was a homosexual. I do not know why he would be with me. I know that I am a man, but I tell him that I am not a homosexual. At the same time, I find it interesting and entertaining to be sitting here with my arms around Marcel Proust.

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