Dream of: 02 May 2018 "Finding Stories" 

I am in Texas, probably in the area of Hurst between Fort Worth and Dallas. I am living in a house with my mother (1931-2015), but she is preparing to leave. It seems that she and I have not been getting along well and I am a bit upset with her. As she prepares to leave, I decide that I am going to leave first myself. We will not even say goodbye to each other.

I leave. I think I will go to a comic book store and buy some comics. I have not bought any in a long time. I will add any comics which I buy to the collection of comics which I already have as an update.

I know of a large store in the northern area between Fort Worth and Dallas. I go to the store and enter a room which almost seems like a large closet. I pick out some comics. I see an issue of Fantastic Four which is in excellent condition and looks new. I put it in my stack. I think I might buy some Batman comics. I find another issue of Fantastic Four which I add to the stack.

I think I am going to actually begin reading some of these comics. I realize that I need to look for "the story" in each comic when I read it. Each comic will have a particular story and I should try to figure out exactly what the story is in each comic which I read.

I stack 8-9 comics in my stack. I move some clothes which are lying here out of my way into a pile.

I step out of the room just for a moment, and when I return, all the comics are gone. The comics which had been on the shelves, the comics which I had stacked up for myself, and even the clothes have all disappeared. I am amazed and cannot figure out what happened, until I notice a backdoor in the little room.

I open the door and see a fellow (probably in his mid 20s) standing in the room on the other side of the door. I ask him what happened to all the comics. He is not forthcoming, but obviously he is the one who has taken all the comics. Still, I cannot figure out why he would have taken all the comics out of the room.

I tell him that I had a stack in the room of comics which I wanted to buy, but he seems completely uninterested in helping me.

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