Dream of: 01 May 2018 "Plants On The Ceiling" 

I am in a cottage which my mother (1931-2015) has apparently recently bought and which we plan to renovate. A man and a woman (both around 20 years old) are here to help even though I am unsure of my relationship with them. They walk into the kitchen where I have a beer which somehow spills onto the kitchen counter and splashes onto some wallpaper on the wall behind the counter. The wallpaper immediately begins peeling off. I pull off the wet wallpaper and discover fine brown wood underneath which looks good just as it is. I reflect that we had already been thinking of peeling off the wallpaper anyway.

I next peel off the top layer of the counter top and likewise discover fine brown wood underneath which also looks good, but will probably not make a good counter top because the wood is so porous.

The fellow has a sheet of plastic which he tries to fit onto the counter top, but he bends the plastic in places to make it fit, and I point out that he has ruined the plastic by bending it like that and that now the plastic will not fit onto the counter. I realize, however, that the plastic would actually fit onto the counter if we stuck the bent edges under the metal strips along the edges of the counter. However, I do not say anything because I do not want to admit that I actually made a mistake.

I try to find something. Then the woman touches a piece of the paneling on the wall. The paneling comes completely off the wall and reveals a little room with a bathtub in it. We already knew that a bathroom with a commode and sink were in a room next to the kitchen, but we had not known that a portion of the room with the bathtub had been walled off from the rest of the bathroom. Discovering that we will actually have a bathtub in the bathroom makes me happy.

I try to find something for the fellow to do. I notice that the kitchen has a drop ceiling with white ceiling panels held on a metal grid. Some green plants are actually growing along some of the metal grid and hanging down from the ceiling. I think maybe the fellow can pull the plants off the ceiling. That would be something that he could do.  

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