Dream of: 29 April 2018 "Floating Down Stairs"

I seem to be up in the mountains of a Latin American country in a passenger bus filled with people when we begin having problems and the bus finally slows down and stops. I look out a window of the bus and see that the rubber on the rear right wheel has detached from the silver rim.

When we slowly begin moving again, I look outside my window which is over looking a steep cliff on the right side. At one point the bus slightly tips toward the edge of the cliff. I try to stay in a safe place, but right now I am in a very precarious situation because if this bus tips over, I do not have any way to escape.

When the ride becomes rougher, I again look out toward the rear of the bus and see that the entire right rear wheel including the rim has been removed from the bus. Black-haired Latino men are working on the bus and have pushed a little wheeled cart under the bus where the bus wheel should be. We continue moving again.

When the bus stops again, I again look out the window on my right. We are so high on this narrow road with the steep cliff on our right. I look down at the deep valley below the cliff but I cannot see all the way to the bottom due to the white fog far below the trees. We are right on the edge of the cliff. I cannot even see the road beneath us because we are so close to the edge of this high cliff.

I finally decide that I must leave the bus. I climb off the bus and start walking. I continue walking until I finally find myself in an upper story of a skyscraper which seems like a continuation of the mountain road. I see a stair well and I enter it. I ask a fellow in the stair well if the stairs go all the way to the bottom. He says they do.

I start walking down the stairs. I wonder how high up I am in the skyscraper. I look for a number on the walls and finally see one that is in the 20s.

At some point I start floating. I think some people may be watching me and be impressed by my floating as I continue floating down the stairs. I think I will be able to reach the bottom without a problem.

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