Dream of: 27 April 2018 "The Business Of Comic Books" 

Birdie (my steady girlfriend from 1968 to 1972) and I had been together for quite a while, but then she had broken up with me. I feel really bad at first, but then I begin thinking, and I recall that she broke up with me once before. I recuperated from that separation and then I had returned to her. I recall that I actually felt quite good about life after she broke up with me the first time. I had actually liked being without her. Thinking that the same thing might happen this time, I find myself quickly recovering from my separation from Birdie. I feel good about being by myself. 

I go to what appears to be a used book store and I walk inside where I find a pile of used comic books which appear to be on sale. Looking through the comics, I also discover some envelopes mixed in. It looks as if some of the comics contain old letters. I am usnure, but it appears that the letters are supposed to be mixed in with the comics. I also see some amateur paintings on letter-sized sheets of paper. I find it interesting that one painting has been crumpled up. I think the paintings are free, but I really do not want the paintings or the letters which apparently are included with some of the comic books.  

I am looking through three different piles of comics when a boy (around 12 years old) walks up. Obviously he wants to look at the comics, but I am standing right in front of him. He wants to crowd in front of me, but I do not move. I simply continue looking at the comics until I find some that I want.

The comics are only ten cents apiece. I know that a bunch of comics are also in the back of the store and I wonder if all the comics in the entire store are on sale today. I ask a fellow who is standing behind the counter about it, and he answers, "No," but he informs me that some other comics are on sale today in another section of the store and that some of those comics are brand new. He walks me over to that section of the store.

Suddenly, I begin thinking that I may go into the comic-book business. I would have a bunch of comic books. I might start trying to buy them cheap and sell them at a higher price. I think I could buy comics for ten cents and sell them for fifteen cents. I am unsure that I want to become involved in such a business, but I think I might. I pick out several comics which I think I may be interested in buying.

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