Dream of 08 April 2018 "Abraham Lincoln's Son"

the call to battle

between good and evil rings

through the universe

I am taking part in the American Civil War. I am with a large force of Northern soldiers who are assembled in a hilly, wooded area and are waiting to be attacked by Southern soldiers on a side flank. It appears that a group of soldiers from Massachusetts will first be attacked.

I am sent to tell my father, Abraham Lincoln, about the impending attack. I find him nearby in a horse-drawn carriage which I climb into. Lincoln is sitting on my right and another man is sitting on the other side of Lincoln.

We ride through the woods in the carriage and pass the Northern soldiers who are gathered all around us and are preparing for the coming battle. I am only a teenager and I do not have a gun. I originally thought I might obtain a gun after the first battle from a fallen soldier, but now I begin to think that even fewer guns will be available after the battle because so many guns will be destroyed in the battle. A few skirmishes have already taken place, but no guns are available for me.

I am proud to be the son of this beautiful, bearded man whom I admire so much. I think of putting my right arm around his shoulders, but decide that doing so might not be appropriate at this moment when the fighting is about to begin. I do not think I will actually be fighting. I will simply be staying with Lincoln and doing whatever he tells me to do. It looks as if the battle will soon begin.

Commentary of 07 April 2018

I come to  wonder if beauty and evil are diametrically opposed. 

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