Dream of 07 April 2018 "Affecting People"


with god must be such a joy

for the enlightened

I am sitting with members of my family. Over my head I place a piece of cloth which covers my face. I sit in a meditative pose with my legs crossed and begin meditating. Although I cannot see anything, I can perceive the other members of my family sitting around me, and I am unsure what they will think of my meditating here in their presence like this. I enter deeper and deeper into the meditation which becomes extremely intense. I know that I can break out of the meditation at any time, but I do not want to. Finally I find myself in a state of mind so intense that I almost seem paralyzed. It almost seems as if I could explode into pieces. I am sure I could break out of this state and back to normal consciousness if I need to, yet at the same time, I to some degree feel locked into this state of mind.

My father places one hand on the right side of the top of my head and another hand lower down on the left side. At first I think he is going to pull the cloth off me, but he simply lays his hands onto my head. I have the feeling that the meditation is also affecting him.

I contemplate going forth into the world, traveling to large cities, and visiting public places like parks where I could sit in a meditative pose with a cloth over my head like I am doing right now. I wonder what would happen? Would people walk up to me and pull off the cloth? Meditating with my head covered might prove dangerous because I could not see anyone. Someone might approach me, rip off the cloth, and hurt me in some way. However, I do not think anyone will bother me. Instead, I think people will be become affected by seeing me sitting there and meditating with a cloth over my head. Meditating like that would surely be an interesting endeavor.

Commentary of 07 April 2018

I follow the maxim that "my conscience" sends me beneficial messages in my dreams. Although I have never actually thought of meditating in a public place with a cloth over my head, the thought of doing so suddenly seems somehow intriguing.

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