Dream of: 05 April 2018 (2) "Flying Escape"

 My old friend Steve Buckner (1952-2012) and I are in a city which seems to be deserted. We are trying to travel from one side of the city to the other. As we proceed, I begin flying. I leave Steve behind and continue on. I see a dog below which is following me as I fly. I have to guide the dog over obstacles such as steps which it has to ascend and descend.

When I fly over an area which looks like an abandoned freight yard for trains, I see a man down below. Probably 10-12 meters above him, I holler to him and he sees me. He cannot believe that I am up here flying. I see that he has a gun. Afraid that he is going to shoot me, I quickly fly around behind a building to escape from him. Then I continue flying.

Commentary of 14 April 2018

Flying represents writing. The man represents my fear of the real world preventing my writing.

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