Dream of: 03 April 2018 "Psycho"

I have returned to a rooming house where I am living in one room. Although I have not see her in a long time, Mairita also lives here in another room in this rooming house.

I first go into my room, then I walk out into the hall. I am wearing pants and black shoes, but I do not have on a shirt. I walk down the brown hall of dark wood and I pass other doors until I reach the door of Mairita's room. I am quite sure this is the right room because I think I used to have a room straight across the hall from her. I call out, "Mairita!"

I hear someone respond from inside the room. The door is cracked. Mairita comes to the door and I walk inside. She looks tired. Apparently she was sleeping and I have awakened her. She stands in front of me. She is probably about 30 years old. She is beautiful. Her legs are bare and I cannot clearly see the rest of her body but I perceive it as being extremely attractive.

She steps back and lies down on a couch in front of me. I sit down in a chair and we start talking. I seem depressed. I think the reason is because I have not been talking with Mairita lately. I have completely shut myself off from her. I think that she thinks I do not care about her because I have not been in contact with her lately, but my not caring about her is not the reason at all that I have not been talking with her. I have not been in contact with her because I care too much about her. Sometimes she seems like the focus of my world and I feel like giving everything I have to her.

She finally stands up, walks over to me and stands in front of me. I would like to reach out and touch her. I have never actually touched her before, and I wonder if I would have a chance with her. She then turns around and sits down on my lap with her back to me. I lay my hands on her bare legs. I definitely feel as if she wants to be with me. I am surprised to think that she may want to have sex with me. I am unsure that I will be able because it seems as if I just masturbated. I might even still have some oil on me. That is disgusting.

Rubbing my hands on her legs and touching her feels wonderful. I say, "Whadu'ya think about me?"

She answers, "You're a psycho!"

I laugh. I think that is funny because she probably got that right. I tell her to continue talking and she asks, "You feel good about bettering me?"

I say, "Huh unh. No. I don't feel good about bettering you on anything. "

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