Dream of: 02 April 2018 "Black Veiled Dream Writer"

I am walking around the streets of New York City when I see a semi-truck with two trailers behind it. As the truck turns, it looks as if the driver does not even care as the truck runs over a row of bushy trees growing along the curb. After several trees have been knocked down, the truck stops and the driver climbs out. I walk over to the driver and look at the bushes. I am bothered that he has knocked them down. Some other people are standing nearby, but no one seems particularly concerned.

I am a little puzzled when I see a desk sitting outside. Some stuff, including a cell phone, is lying on the desk. I reflect that someone could take the phone, but then I notice that a woman is standing nearby and she is the one who has laid the phone there. I conclude that the desk must also belong to her.

I am thinking that I need to buy a ticket for a plane to leave here. I am thinking that the woman and the desk are part of a travel service here. I may walk over and ask her to obtain a plane ticket for me. I will also need a taxi to the airport and the taxi ride will take about an hour. I am unsure how much the taxi will cost.

I walk over to the woman and start talking with her. She is a black woman. She and I end up in a room together where I put my arms around her and hold her tight. It feels good. She is probably around 30 years old. She mentions that another woman is there who writes her dreams. The other woman is in another room down the hall. I like being with this woman, but the thought of being with a woman who writes her dreams is so powerful that I finally stand up and walk down the hall toward the room of the woman who writes her dreams.

I open the door and look into the totally dark room. The first woman had told me that the name of the dream-writer is "Howard." I call out the name and the woman in the room answers. I can tell that she is obviously upset that someone is coming in her room like this. As I walk into the room, a light comes on so I can see. She sits down on the bed and lies back. She is also black and is probably about 30 years old. I can tell that I am going to have more difficulty having contact with her than the first woman, but I am very intrigued by this woman.

She is dressed in black and she has a black veil over her face. Yet a third woman is sitting on the bed and she listens as I ask the second woman whether she writes her dreams. She answers, "Yes."

She continues talking. Apparently she is not having success writing her dreams and she is not completely sure why she is doing it, but just the fact that she is writing her dreams is extremely interesting to me.

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