Dream of 31 March 2018 "Loan Gone Wrong"

Even though Carolina and I are not living together, she and I have procured a loan for $15, 000 which has been mailed to Carolina in the state where she is now living. I have not seen her since she received the money two or three days ago and I am waiting to hear from her. When she finally calls, she tells me that she had a problem and that she had to spend $5, 000 in cash. Then she was traveling and she spent more money.

Probing further, I ask her how much she has left and she says something like, "Just a few dollars."

  Continuing to talk with her, I try to understand what happened to the money, but I do not receive a good answer. I am so frustrated with her at this point that I never want to see her again. Extremely upset that Carolina has spent all this money, I lash out on the phone, "I hate you! I despise you!"

The word "despise" seems particularly interesting and I briefly seem to contemplate the difference between "hate" and "despise."

I hang up. Almost immediately, however, I realize that I need more details about this matter - I an unsure what I am going to do. Now I do not even know how to contact Carolina again.

I think the loan might have been partially secured by some real estate which she has, so she will probably have to repay the loan, but I am unsure of that. At this point I am not sure of much of anything in this matter.

 I reflect that at least I am only losing $7, 500 myself because Carolina would have received half the money anyway.

I recall that once before not so long ago we experienced a similar incident and we lost about $15, 000. These loses are eating into my resources, but I still have some money in reserve, so the loses seem to amount to less than ten percent of the cash which I actually have.

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