Dream of: 04 March 2018 "Man On A Black Horse"

After several days of travel, I have arrived at a class reunion being held in what appears to be an old classroom. Quite a few people are here, but only a few from my graduating class. I have not yet changed my clothes and I need to do so. I have bought a new, long-sleeved, button-up shirt which has vertical stripes over a light background, but I have not yet donned the shirt; indeed I have not even yet unfolded it. I also have not shaved in several days so I am pretty scruffy looking.

The only person here whom I recognize is a former female classmate whom I first met in 1964 when we began the seventh grade together. She seems very nice and also very attractive. She is standing close to me and soon I even have an erection and I rub up against her. I wonder what having sex with her would be like. I check my erection several times and it seems strong. I see her bare legs under her skirt and I wonder what she would think if I were to rub my bare hands over her legs and even run them up to her crotch.

Here in the classroom, it turns out that a test is being given on the subject of "Shakespeare." My former classmate is sitting at one of the desks and taking the test. I am not taking the test because I am presently preoccupied with something else.

Someone in the front of the class asks questions and the students write down the answers. When I hear the questions, I realize that I do not even know the answers, although my former classmate appears to be writing down her answers. I look around for a paper because I think I may also start writing down answers even though the class has already reached question number 15.

I am still a bit taken aback that I did not know the answers to the questions which I heard. One of the questions is something like, "What is the name of the holiday which is celebrated in a certain tavern in one of the plays of Shakespeare?" I certainly do not know the answer to that. I have never even heard of this tavern.

Another question involves a man sitting on a coal-black horse. I have a clear vision in my mind of the man sitting on the black horse.

I think I will try to start answering some of the questions even though I realize that I do not know the answers to these questions.

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