Dream of: 03 March 2018 "Thumbnails"

 Fajar (a 25-year old, Balinese, internet dream journalist) has sent me a bunch of files which he apparently wants me to post on my website. On my computer screen I can see a thumbnail-picture of each file. Every thumbnail displays a picture of the same bed which however looks slightly different in each picture. The picture might be of a bed which has been made, or the picture might be of an unmade bed where the covers are just lying in varying configurations.

I eagerly start working on posting the files and I successfully post the first one. However, when I post the second file - which has a thumbnail of a red cover on the bed - I have trouble. It seems as if the second file will only play for a short while and then stop.

When I try to play the third file, it will not play at all.

It looks as if I may have to contact Fajar for help about how to open these files.

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