Dream of: 02 March 2018 "The Cat And The Toad"

 I have begun living on the 386-acre Gallia County Farm which my father apparently has given to me. I walk out onto the back porch of the Farmhouse and look at the fields and hills which surround me. None of the farm buildings or barns are at the bottom of the hill anymore and I do not see any trees. Everything seems to have been replanted with green grass which is cut short. It looks beautiful. The only problem I see is the huge amount of grass which will need to be cut.

Although I do not like cattle farming, I have the idea that I may buy a cow or a goat and put it on a rope. I will move the cow or goat around every day out in this verdant wilderness so the animal can eat the grass.

I walk down to the bottom of the hill behind the Farmhouse to the little creek which has crystal clear pools of water which may be a meter deep in some places where I can see to the bottom. I think I may even come down here sometime and swim. I seem to remember long ago having seen a dangerous-looking fish in the water, but I do not see anything now.

A light gray cat on the bank above me is pushing its muzzle through the grass as if it is chasing something which is running through the grass. Something small jumps out of the grass in front of the cat and careens down the bank toward me: it looks like a little brownish gray toad. Once the toad is out in the open, the cat does not bother it anymore.

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