Dream of: 08 February 2018 (2) "Not A Burden"

I am with a woman who seems like my wife although whether we are married is unclear. Although I am close to her, she has not been supportive of my writing my dreams and of my writing books of dreams. In fact - just the opposite: she has been critical of my even writing my dreams. This issue betweeen us has now come to a head, and as we both sit on the bed, I am trying to help her understand my writing of my dreams. It seems as if something has happened which I think might prompt her to understand what I am doing when I write books of dreams.

Both of us are probably in our mid 30s.

I try to explain to her my feeling that maybe she is just now starting to understand. I want her to be supportive of me. Contemplating how I can phrase the task of writing books of dreams, I think I might say, "It's such a burden," but I do not want to refer to the task as a "burden," because I do not feel as if I consider composing books of dreams to be a "burden."

I do, however, feel that writing books of dreams requires a great deal of effort to accomplish.

As we both continue sitting on the bed and talking, I ask her, "Can you see that at all?"

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