Dream of: 05 February 2018 (2) "Near Death"

My mother (1931-2015) and my brother Chris (1957-1964) are living together in a house. My father (1932-2016) lives in another house not far away. I know that Chris (around 15 years old) is not going to live much longer. My mother leaves me alone with Chris who is asleep in the bedroom. She is going to fetch my father to tell him something about Chris. It seems as if Chris needs a coat or something.

She leaves and I wait for a while until I finally walk into the bedroom where Chris is. I see some glasses on the bed and I think I will fetch him a glass of water, but first I pull back the cover and discover that my father is lying on top of Chris under the cover. My father's face is turned toward me and his face is lying on Chris' bare chest. It looks as if my father's arms are around Chris. Chris is awake but my father is asleep. I am surprised to see my father here. It looks as if he realizes Chris is not going to live long and as if he wants to be close to Chris. My father is probably about 50 years old. He has a black and gray beard.

 My mother walks into the room. I purse my lips together and shake my head as if to say that my father should have told us if he was going to come here like this. Nevertheless, I am glad to see that my father is here and that he is close to Chris the way he is. 

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