Dream of: 02 February 2018 "Dream Conference"

My wife and I have arrived at a venue where a large conference about dreams is going to take place in an outside area which has the feel of an inside auditorium where a stage is set up in front of a seated audience of probably 100-200 people. Many empty chairs are right in front of the stage and behind those seats is a partition behind and beside which most of the people are sitting.

As my hale and hearty, youthful-appearing wife (probably a few years younger than I in her late 50s) enters the auditorium with me, her soft and downy arm pleasingly rubs against mine and I also feel on my arm the pleasant brushing of her luxuriant, dark red hair which falls to her waist. I reflect that I have been paying so little attention to her lately that I had not even noticed how long her lovely hair had become. I reach for her hand which feels so familiar but which I seem to have neglected of late and which brings me joy to hold in front of this group of strangers.

I think maybe someone here has heard of me, but probably not, although I do think that I know one woman who is close to my age whom I expect to see here.

As my wife and I walk along a side aisle toward the empty seats, she separates from me and walks off to the side where I assume she is looking for a restroom, while I continue walking and looking for a place for us to sit. After I finally find a place and sit down, I think about my wife who seems like such an adorable woman. I have not told her in a long time how beautiful she is - I need to do so.

I sit in my seat for quite a while, then I change seats and I sit in another spot. From where I am sitting I can see the area where I think my wife disappeared into a room under some bleachers. I continue to wait for her to come out. The conference begins and someone starts speaking on the stage, but my wife still does not appear.

I notice some power lines which are stretched over the conference area and which run from pole to pole around 10-12 meters above the ground. A few people are actually up on the power lines and are playing music by using the power lines to produce the music. I have never seen anything quite like it. I cannot actually see the people up in the lines, but I have a sense of their presence there and I know that they are up there, like shadows, playing the music which I can hear being produced from the power lines.

I continue waiting for my wife. I finally move to another seat which is in the row against a wall. A fellow (probably in his 30s) and dressed in white is now sitting right next to me on my left. I think I probably should have asked him if the seat was already taken before I sat down in it, but since he says nothing, I assume the seat was empty. After I have been sitting here a minute, he says something about my feet. I do not comprehend what he means at first, but then I realize that I now have more room for my feet because there is more space between our seats and the row in front of us than I had in the previous seat in which I had been sitting. I did not have room before to stretch out my feet in front of me, but now I do.

Just from the pleasantly vibrant tone of this fellow's voice, I immediately like him. I would like to become acquainted with someone like him.

I am starting to become rather agitated because my wife has not yet appeared. Time goes on and on, and still I do not see her. I begin to wonder if I should have someone check in the restrooms to see if she is in there. It is not like her to simply disappear like that. I might even have to ask someone to make an announcement with her name to find out where she is. I am becoming rather worried. Imagining living without her is painful.

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