Dream of: 05 January 2018 (2) "Corrupt Vows"

 I have read a dream which has been published by a woman (probably around 30 years old) on the internet. I have already come to know this woman quite well from reading her dreams in the past. This particular dream contained a picture of some food which looked like a round piece of white cheese - such as brie or camembert. I am thinking about writing to the woman and telling her that I liked the look of this piece of cheese.

 I know that the woman lives on the east side of England somewhere close to London, and I wonder what she would think if I simply showed up where she is to eat some of the cheese with her. I think she would certainly be surprised to see me, but I think that seeing her in person is actually a possibility.

As I think about this, I realize that I am sitting in a circle of 15-20 people and that the woman is sitting on my right. We are outside in what appears to be a park with trees here and there. All these people, including the woman, apparently belong to the French internet dream-group, attrape-songes.

I am still concentrated on the woman's written dream which seems to be visible in the center of the circle. Although it is night, the written page can be seen. It is short - only a single paragraph of a few lines and the picture of the round piece of cheese.

When I say something about the dream, the woman suddenly becomes very emotional and upset, and seems to have tears in her eyes. I do not know why, but she clearly says that the dream has something to do with "corrupt vows." I am totally surprised because I do not see that concept at all in this dream, but she seems ready to start crying, and she seems reluctant to discuss this dream here in the group.

I look again at the one-paragraph dream which seems easy to understand. I simply do not understand where she is finding this idea of "corrupt vows" in this innocuous-looking dream. I am utterly flummoxed and simply do not understand what the woman is talking about. I do not see anything at all like that in this dream.

I can tell that her distress is shaking up the whole group. Finally, a second woman (probably in her early 20s) who is sitting a couple places to the right of the first woman, leans around behind the first woman and speaks to me. She says to me something like, "We're going to have to get together and talk about this."

She wants to go somewhere else - like a nice restaurant - with me and other members of the group to discuss the matter. That is something I do not really want to do. I think we are in France and we will be going to a French restaurant. Since everyone in this group speaks French, I will not be able to take part in a group discussion - my French is not good enough for that. I will only be able to talk in French one-on-one with the others, and anyone with whom I am talking will have to speak slowly for me to understand - if I can understand at all. Nevertheless, I agree to the meeting and I say, "Fine."

I have the feeling that the second woman has been wanting to talk with me anyway. This gives her an opportunity to do so. I tell the second woman that it does not matter where we go, that it will be fine with me.

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