Dream of: 05 January 2018 "Who Crippled My Brother?"

My mother (around 40 years old), my sister (8-9 years old), my brother Chris (8-9 years old), and I are walking around and looking at displays in an antique store which is almost like a museum. I see two embossed metal paintings which are each about 30 centimeters square. They are only one dollar apiece and I decide I want to buy both. One has a strap on it so I am able to sling it over my shoulder. I give the other one to my mother. She and Chris are ready to leave and they walk on.

A man with a beard and a mustache (round 30 years old) walks into the room where I am and tells me that it is time to leave. Just as he tells me, I am picking up something which looks like a record album - only longer - which has a Disney character on the front. It has a plastic wrapping, and I am not sure, but I think I may have slightly torn the plastic when I picked it up. I look at the back of the thing and see that it says, "$48." I make a comment that the price seems high to me. When I set it back down on the table, the flimsy table shakes as if it is about to break.

I can tell that this fellow is becoming upset by my taking so long. He starts acting very rude. So on the way out, I decide not to buy the metal painting. I tell my mother to put hers back, and I hand mine to the fellow. When I hand it to him, a little chain which was attached to the frame comes off in my hand. He does not see the chain. When he walks away, I lay the chain down.

I walk outside. My mother and Chris have already gone ahead of me and I can see that they have descended some stairs into a little enclosed space from which there appears to be no exit. I can see them down there.

The fellow follows me out and now acts friendly. He tells me to look up at the top of the building. I stand back and look up at the second story of the concrete building and I see some stairs on the second floor. When the fellow sees that I am in a certain position, he picks up a rock and throws it against the building. The rock bounces off the building and almost hits me. I can see now that I am definitely going to have a problem with this fellow.

Two or three other fellows also show up and they suddenly appear quite belligerent and start running around the courtyard. One of them throws a handful of rocks against the building and the rocks also ricochet in my direction. They also ricochet toward my mother and Chris. I holler out that my mother and Chris are there. I say to the fellow, "My brother's crippled."

He answers, "Who crippled him?"

I stop for a moment, then answer, "God."

I now see that someone is walking up the stairs from the space where my mother and Chris are. The person is holding a child up in the air by the child's two arms. At first I think the child is Chris. The child looks about the same age as Chris, but it is not Chris. The child is not wearing a shirt, and sticking up in front of him in the area of his crotch is something round about 10-15 centimeters long which is wrapped in dark red cloth. I conclude that some kind of bizarre exhibition is taking place.

My sister apparently has not yet come out of the building. I do not see her anywhere and I become concerned about her. I am afraid that these men may try to hurt her, maybe even rape her. I realize that we need to reach our car as quickly as possible and quickly extricate ourselves from this danger, but I also realize that I do not have the keys to the car. Either I left the keys in the store, or my sister has them. I will not be able to pull the car around and pick her up, because I do not even have the keys. 

One of the fellows steps in front of me in a threatening way while another stands behind me. I can see that I am going to have to fight them. A cabinet with some vases on it is sitting next to me. Several other displays are sitting around the courtyard as if the courtyard is an extension of the store. I see that I am going to have to fight these guys. I think I might end up knocking off a vase and breaking it in the process. That may be a good thing because maybe I will draw the attention of security guards who will help me. I sling my arm and then I sling my foot at this fellow. He steps out of the way.

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