Dream of: 04 January 2018 "Accidental Discharge"

 I am sitting at a desk in the front room of the House in Patriot, Ohio (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child). The desk is up against the wall where the fireplace should be. I am holding a handgun in my hand. I must accidentally pull the trigger, because the gun discharges. The sound of the shot is not loud, but I think that my father, and perhaps even my mother, are in the adjoining room, and that they may have heard the shot. I think if my father comes into the room, he is going to be upset that I discharged a gun in the House. I think I might try to deny that the gun fired, and I might say that it just sounded that way. I reflect, however, that I would not be honest if I said that, and since I believe that honesty is the best policy, I decide I will tell him that I fired the gun.

Since I am still unsure that I fired the gun, I open the chamber and pull out the shell of a long, bronze bullet about four centimeters long. I remember that I recently had some spare bullets which I stuck in the gun. Since the bullet feels warm, I conclude that I must have discharged the gun. Since the gun was aimed down under the desk when it discharged, I look under the desk to see if there is a bullet hole. I keep looking under the desk until I believe that I see a couple small holes in the side of the desk. I think the holes may be from bullets.

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